Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So! I return to the lovely interwub's blogocircle with a new adventure. New York! As you probably know I'm working at an Opera in upstate NY for their summer stock as an intern. I'm joined there by Jill a recent grad student from our program and Morgan and fellow costume undergrad. Morgan is actually one of the girls I knew in and before going to London. :3 we've had pretty much every theatre class together since our freshman year. Today is actually the first day of our two-ish day road trip up. We left FL this morning around 9ish and are currently staying in NC for the night. Morgan and I took turns driving and made pretty good time, it was a uneventful drive thankfully. We actually stopped in Lumberton, NC to get dinner so that I could get my most favorite BBQ evar. Num Num pulled pork. We had planned to possibly stay with a friend in Raleigh, but as that ended up being way too off course it didn't end up happening. Tomorrow we head to the NYC/NJ area. She's got family in NJ and Cassie (the roommate from London mentioned copiously below) lives in NYC and I'll be staying with her for a few days. :D And that's all I've really got for the night.

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