Sunday, June 21, 2009

Loooooong Week.

This has been a crazy busy week. With first dress ( and therefore completed costumes due) for the first of the three shows due next Sunday we're all in a bit of paniced rush mode. My show isn't up for first dress until a week from Wednesday, but still crazy, as most of the pieces are bias cut 30's dresses with lots of fiddly bits on them. The shop had it's first 12 hour day this past Thursday, which wasn't bad except for the fact that it was terribly horribly long. And wet. It rained that whole day so we couldn't even eat outside. Really I haven't been up to much more than going to work and coming home to read and sleep. Friday night a few of us costume shop girls decided to have a hair dying/ pizza eating/ beer drinking/ movie watching night. Morgan, Shannon, Alana and I all went over to Liz's house in town and did just that. It was a good night, fun to bond with the new girls I'm working with. Last night was dinner in Oneonta and a run to the nearest Walmart for things you can't get at the grocery store with Shannon and Liz. But not the same Liz that I went out with today.

Today was the Cooperstown Beverage tour that we started at 11 this morning, of which there are photos of up. I promise you can see them. It's four stops. Maura, Morgan, Liz, Holly, Alana and I all went in Morgan's van for the expedition. The Bear Pond Winery was the farthest from us, so our first stop. They only have local wines, though not all they sell are just theirs. I only tried theirs in the tasting though, and it was alot of fun. We stayed their for lunch and then headed out to the Cooperstown Brewery. Two wrong turns later, we found it. They people there were suuuuuuper nice. I think it helped that the tour guide/Brewmaster's assistant/bottle line mechanic was about our age leading a tour of 6 good looking ladies. It was a pretty small place, apparently they brew two beers a week and once a year they make root beer. From there we headed to the Ommegang brewery, which was faaaaaancy compaired to Cooperstown. Not as small town friendly, but I was more fond of the beer. Granted, I'd had some of it before. This one little brewery ships out across the nation, but it IS three times the size of Cooperstown. The tour started a mintue right before we got there, so we joined it. It was super high tech. The tour had a bunch of people in it, so it was harder to get the tastings done. Then on to the last place from there, which was Fly Creek Cider Mill. It was SO COOL! It was a big two story building that was full of all sorts of apple things. Apple pie, apple butter, apple friters, apple cider (hard and not), apple wine, apple cheese, apple EVERYTHING. As this was our last stop this is where we got our Beverage Trail glasses, which you get for getting stamps at all the places on a little brochsure thing. With this done we headed back to get Liz home for softball practice and did boring grocery errands. Tomorrow starts another long hectic, but happily, work filled week.

I should be able to post photos of the things I've been working on later next week, but no promises. We've got two more 12 hour days next week, tuesday and thursday. Yay. But we'll get it all done. Happy Fathers day to those of you who are fathers. Congrats agan James on passing then FE. :D G'night to everyone else.

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