Monday, June 15, 2009

First weekend in Cooperstown

Friday was a mostly uneventful day. I ended up helping weed our new costume shop flower garden in the morning, and we found wild strawberries! So now half of what was to be flower garden is going to be tiny strawberry patch as well. Erica, one of the drapers, found a strawberry on one of the tiny plants and I helped her figure out which were strawberry plants and which were weeds. We had an hour and a half for lunch as well, so that we could go into town and either cash or deposit our checks as we got paid. The afternoon we spent setting up for fittings that were going to happen on Saturday and we were sent home. We went to the Otsego Hotel, which is the fanciest hotel in Cooperstown. Probably one of the fanciest I've been in outside of Disney. There is a giant porch with cocktail waitresses that serve you while you sit in giant white rocking chairs and look out over the lake. Soooooo relaxing and pretty. The weather here is gorgeous most days (short of the normal summer afternoon rains), so it was just perfect sitting out there. We walked over to the tiniest dinner ever to get dinner before heading home.

Saturday Morgan and I slept late, dyed each other's hair then ran small errands. They were grand trips to the Bank of America ( the only one is a few towns over) and the grocery store. Actually between those two we did stop in at the small arts and crafts fair in Richfeild Springs, which was very cute and everything you'd find at any local crafts fair. Quilts, woodcarvings, small jewlery makers. Apparently fantastic barbeque that I did not get a chance to partake in. I don't have any photos of it though, as I was not expecting our errands to include it. Morgan and I got invited to a party near by that we went to. It was alot of fun, though my favorite part was the ball pit. Yes, a ball pit. It was a kiddy swimming pool filled with balls straight from the Mickey D's play ground. It was fantastic. :D I got to meet a few more of the grad students that are from school, who were very cool. Mostly Techincal Director students, who live in the scene shop, and that being no where near the costume shop, explains why I didn't know them. Everyone there was really friendly and fun.

Sunday we slept even later, having stayed out way too late the previous night. Not having much to do we did laundry. Though finding the laundrimat was quite a challenge. Morgan and I did though, and are fully stocked with clean clothes. I made dinner for the two of us and that was the extent of our day. I've been chruning through books pretty quick here, as there is typically an hour or three spent reading in the room o'Morgan and Adri. Now it's time for a late dinner, so signing off.

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