Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tonight's a quiet night, as half of Summer Camp Opera is off at the local bar/Chinese food restaurant for karaoke night. I'm a bit under the weather, so I'm not up for hearing people scream the lyrics of old bad songs in the tiny bar. Though it was quite fun on Tuesday night when we went after work. Good Chinese food too.

There isn't much work to be done at the moment, we're mostly doing house keeping stuff. Organizing, restock, etc. Not the most interesting, but that's fine. Tuesday was our first real day of work, and we got to go early as it was Ice Cream Social day! That's right! the Costume shop held an Ice Cream social for the whole Opera. Even had lactose free ice cream for the lactarded and all fruit popsicles for the Vegans. It was pretty fun. After wards we all went home for a breif second then out to the bar/chinese food. We stayed out for a while, though when we got there it was just the costume shop girls and Safety John. By 9 half the Opera had taken over the tiny tiny bar. We almost got lost getting home, but got back fine. Though just after we got home, the girl we were trying to follow stopped back by and got Morgan out of the room while I was checking my email. Neither of us had our keys. Ooh super fun lock outs. Thankfully our RA guy was still up and let us in no problem.

Wednesday didn't have to be into the costume shop until 2 pm, but had fire estinguisher training and terribly over acted videos about back health and slip protection. Morgan, another girl Holly and I went in to Cooperstown to wonder around a bit. The photos are still on my camera from that, but the photos from before are now all online (they were before, but a bit of a mix up happened.) We went home after that for naps and lunch then headed in to work. It was mostly spent cataloging stock. Nothing terribly exciting. Morgan went to watch the Opera softball game, but I stayed in having a headache. The Opera plays in a company league against the local companies like the hospital, sports store, etc. Apparently we're attrocious, but the crowd it always pretty rowdy.

Today was the first real full day of work, as there had been fittings done yesterday. Those didn't take most of the morning, so I was sent out to the warehouse to do more organizing. We came back for lunch and I stayed behind to clean up the wardrobe house instead of going out there again. Again not exciting, but fine. Now it's after dinner and I'm gunna curl up with a book and be a sicky.

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