Monday, June 8, 2009


We have arrived! :D

Morgan and I actually got in last night, but yeah. We ended up leaving New Jersey yesterday about 2 pm, got lost just at the start, trying to find a Costco to stock up at before getting to New York. Low and behold our directions took us to their offices, not the store. I was headachey at this point from getting into New Jersey from Brooklyn. I was not in the mood to be lost. So I canceled any further expeditions and we got on our way. It really was a better decision, as there was a strange Blue Law in the county of New Jersey we were in that would have kept us from buying anything other than food and gas on Sunday. From there the trip was uneventful until we were getting off the New York Through Way, we got off at the wrong spot. We ended up at a Dunkin' Doughnuts, where apparently we were not the only people who got lost trying to get to Cooperstown. Turns out we'd just taken the wrong exit and got turned around.

We found the Opera just as the office was closing, but managed to get in and get our keys and such before they left. Morgan and I's room is pretty nice, alot bigger than I was expecting and quite comfortable for us to share. We got in, unloaded then headed to the nearest super store, which took us 45 minutes each way, but excitingly we get cellphone service out there! Really, just ten minutes out of here, we get cellphone service. I think we are in a valley that blocks out service. It's amazingly pretty here. Just lots and lots of rolling hills with small farm houses and forest.

Today was the first day of work, which was pretty much entirely orientations and safety workshops. Morgan and I actually walked the 3/4 of a mile to the Opera from our room. Found out the Safety guy is from school, a Techincal Directing student. He's pretty cool. We went on a tour of the Opera campus too, which was very cool. I'm going to have to get pictures later, I'd forgotten my camera today. Morgan and I had lunch today with a few other people out on the lake, which is beautiful! There is a tentitive plan for canoeing this weekend. But really that's all the interesting I've got for you guys. G'night.

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