Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and at a resting point.

So Morgan and I made it to New Jersey this evening. We left North Carolina this morning, and took our sweet time going down the road. We took pictures today, which I'll probably post tomorrow night. For lunch we decided to get a little adventurous and not just stop at the nearest fast food place. We instead when into the city of Alexandria and had lunch on the warf in the old down town portion of the city. It was a gorgeous day out and we ended up eating at a pretty fancy resturant. Though our waiter did give us an awesome tip on how to get around DC the quickest heading up north. He was still a shade hung over, which was funny for us. The food was great, but we needed to get going as we were trying to get me into the city tonight. Which failed, 'cause it'd have been way too late for me to comfortably ridden the bus into the city and played tourist all the way to Cassie's apartment. As I'm pretty sure Mom or any number of people would have killed me for doing that. But I'm being antisocial, so post ends here. Photos tomorrow I promise.

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Mia said...

lol ya mom would have killed you, so good choice! :) well i hope that you are having a good time.