Monday, June 29, 2009

Tech Week

So yesterday started tech week on Sunday. Which is why I've not been posting. We've had four 12 hour days in the past week, last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and this past Sunday. Friday was pay day which made things a bit better and Saturday was our day off. The week kinda blurs together with how much work we've been doing as all three shows have their first dress rehearsal this week. Meaning the actors need to have all of the costumes ready to wear by then. We're still working on things, but that's the way things go some times. I've gotten to work on all sorts of things from pants to waistcoats to dresses and tulle monstrosities... i mean skirts... there are seriously 15 yards of tulle in these petticoats. They look gorgeous, until you have to deal with on. It just goes every where it shouldn't be. The show I'm assigned too isn't quite as crazy as La Travita with all the waist coats and things, but it's set in the 1930's so most of it was bought for the men and only a few things where built for the women. Bias cut dresses and things can be difficult but not as long to make as a fully tailored 1850's suit. Travita is based on the same story as the movie Moulin Rouge, only the penniless writter isn't penniless and she's not quite a whore. More like a girl with a Sugar Daddy, who she isn't married to and never will be. We went to a production seminar today about it, where the director, costume/scenic designer and lighting designer talked about the when, where and how of the Opera. Apparenlty Cenerentola's is this Thursday. Everyone in the costume shop who went brought an hours worth of hand stitching with them or their lunch so that we weren't really loosing the time.

This saturday though was pretty fun, it was a Taste of Utica. A big group of us went, it had about 20 different resturants, a few wineries and a beer company. There were a number of tastey places. From sushi to barbeque to icecream. I'll post pictures as soon as I've labeled them all. After than we drove into New Hartford to a real honest to god mall, where a few of us who went all played girls shopping. It was quite the relaxing day all in all. My days are all off though as we started work on Sunday.

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