Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yay festivals!

So there are a ton of festivals here. Practically every weekend there is another one. This weekend was the Thames River Festival. It was very much like the art festivals around home, only much much more packed. I went with Cassie, which was nice to have such a small group. We saw a bunch of skaters, and as her boyfriend is a skater kid we went to investigate. She ended up with a skate board deck. She had to fight for it, but she won it. I am proud of her and her pineapple skateboard deck. We got the t shirts too, just because the puffer fish is awesome. We went home shortly after that on Saturday, but went back this evening for the fireworks. They were awesome. Not quite Disney, but really really really cool none the less. We were really close, close enough to feel the blasts when they went up across the river from us. I ate dinner both nights at a really cool resturant called Wagamama's. We had 2 for 1 coupons. That's the only reason we went, and honestly I wouldn't go again. It's really too expensive to go by myself with out that. But yeah, it's near 1 am so it's bed time. Enjoy the photos.

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