Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dublin tomorrow!

Last Call for addresses if you want a Dublin Post Card! Leave it in a comment if you don't think I have it and I'll do my best (as I will only be checking my email before work in the morning), I have to moderate the comments so I'll make sure the whole of the interwebs does not have it.
Work today was uneventful except that I was one of the first there in the morning and the last to leave. Which means I'm cool to leave early tomorrow afternoon so I can catch my flight! yay!
I still haven't found my computer cord, but I will have it by Sunday night. Come Hell or high water! I will also be on Skype and AIM at 5 pm EST for those who where wondering.
More stories to come at the end of the weekend.

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David said...

Hey if you can not find your camera cord you can pick up a small USB card reader for $6 US. These things are just bigger than the card. I think the card you have is an SD or Secure Digital. You should be able to find one at your local big box electroncs shop like Circuit City. Or you could get a new cord or even borrow one. The small end is called a mini USB. This is a very common cord and again you should be able to pick one up at a electronics store or camera shop. It is the same cord use by a wide range of electronics, palm pilots, blackberries. Can not wait to see the pictures.