Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bus Rides and Street Festivals

Today I got up early. I am quite proud of myself, as I actually got up early enough to go on the 8:45 am bus tour of London that the study center provided. I took A LOT of photos too, a whooping 121 that if you click here you can view. They are under London Bus Tour. I was too lazy to move them over to Flikr, but I'll move my favorites over later. Our guide was an amazing little British woman who had lived in London her whole life. She showed us all the usual sites, and a few times we got off the bus to take photos. I'm really really glad I went on it. I took a bajillion (yes that is a real number) of photos of Parliament and London Tower, which by the way is not a tower at all. That confused me. Yes there are a few pictures of ducks in there for the sister. I hope she enjoys.
Well after that all my flat mates and I spent an hour viewing and labeling all of our photos while we could still remember everything we had seen. We had a don't-be-a-jack-butt-to-your-flatmates meeting at 3 and I had a Theater Program orientation at 5. All of the others left just after our flat meeting, as none of them are in theatre to go to the Regent Street Festival. I had to go to the theatre thing, so I couldn't. I just ended up hanging around my room and conference calling the Boy and the Parents + Sister before the meeting. After a fairly informative and quick meeting with the theatre crew I ended up heading out with a bunch of the theatre kids to find said Indian Street Festival. That we had heard was to be a Spanish street festival. It took us 45 minutes to walk there, but only 15 to walk back. We had inadvertently taken the really long scenic route. It was ok though, actually a pretty fun walk. The street festival was getting ready to close up by the time we got there, and we went into Piccadilly Circus to find a restaurant that our tour guide from earlier had told us about. We found it, and it was everything she said it was. Cheap, filling and awesome. It was called Stockpot. I didn't get a picture of the outside but I have a feeling that I'll be going back. After eating and talking there we all headed back and into our perspective flats.
But it's late now, and I'm dead tired. So good night all, and I'll post the rest of the pictures in the morning.

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