Saturday, September 1, 2007


Today has been interesting. I woke up too late to go on another walking tour because of my still eastern central body clock. My whole flat was up until 3 am and no one got up before noon. Terrible. Anyways I was invited to go out to the shop to look around and get aquianted with the place before I start work on Tuesday. I grabbed my camera and Oyster card and headed out. The Tube was fairly easy to navigate, and really not that crowded. I got turned around leaving the Station, but figured it out pretty easy that I was going the wrong way. The section of town I was in was incrediably more residential than where I am living. Not nearly as many people walking around. Then I find the street the Shop is located, and evening the building. But there is no one there or around. I got a bit creeped out and called back to my flat for the number to the costume shop. I call and no one answers. I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures either, because...well... if I was taking a picture I'd look suspicious or just obviously a tourist.. Or so I think. I decided at that point to just go home and call again to see when someone WILL be there to answer the phone so I know it's good to go back out there. Thankfully the trip is only 2 trains and 20 minutes long. Unfortunately, now I have to up my Oyster card.

and it's only 3 o'clock.

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