Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Hate Fur.

The past two days have been wholly opposite. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing productive for the company, though had a very interesting day and today I did nothing interesting, but very productive for the company.

Monday I finally was able to get onto one of the industrial machines because it was me, my supervisor Lady and the Turk( mind the Turk not the Kurd). I made a bag actually yesterday. It's covered in crazy stitching that you can actually track my progress on the machine on. The industrial machines are still scary though, as they are very very fast and powerful. It really doesn't help that everyone tells me to mind that I don't stitch my fingers to it. The bag is pretty fun, covered in moderately straight lines, zigzags and sin waves. Yeah, I'm a dork. I put an A on it too, with the reverse pedal. For those of you who know or even care, you lift the foot with a pressure petal that you push with your knee, and you wind the next bobbin while you sew. There is no way to turn off the needle movement to make the bobbin. It was very strange. The slowest constant setting on there is the fastest I've ever seen any domestic machine do. The Turk showed me all the really interesting different machines they have in the back, like two button holers, one to make normal rectangular button holes and one to make "key hole" or the rounded button holes. And even a button sewer!! HOW AWESOME! NO MORE HAND SEWN BUTTONS!!! MOM WE NEEDS IT! (only not really.) Plus the three 4 string sergers they have in the back too. The pattern maker and Fashionista man Skinny came in to work really late in the afternoon and I did a little bit of cutting for him and a jacket and skirt he was making for a fairly famous person's entourange girl. It is covered in sparkles and really pretty. I got to see pictures of the Turk's granddaughters who are adorable. He's very proud of them. I like him a lot, as he tends to take care of me by helping me more than any of the others really seem to have time to do, even though they will when I need them too without letting it be a problem for them. Then I wondered down to the National Theatre to see Chatroom/Citizenship. Both where really good one act plays written for 14-18 year olds to do in High and Middle Schools. I enjoyed them. Came home and went to bed.

Today though, I cut out "ermine" tails from black rabbit's skin. I hate fur. It is the devil. It gets everywhere. I had to wear a woodworker's mask today to keep from stuffing my nose full of loose fur. Skinny said I looked like a cat the way I kept pawing at my nose. I felt like one , and by the end of the day looked like I'd shaved one. COVERED in fur. White fur, because I had to cut a caplet out of the white that the "ermine" tails were going to be attached to. We couldn't even turn the fan on in the shop because the fur fluff would have gone everywhere. Ugh, I am still finding it in places, like my socks. The only excitement there was to be had today was a mouse. That came from no where. I tried to pick the thing up and take it outside and it bit me! It didn't break the skin, but it took a mighty tumble down the pattern card stock and straight to the ground. I was apparently very brave trying to take it outside. We think it ate some poison because of how confused it was. Boss tried to get it outside humanely too, as it survived the fall, but it ran into a corner we can't get too right now. Which means it's going to stick to high heaven in a few days if it did eat poison. Skinny complemented me on my vocabulary today, as I was able to use the word 'colloquialism' in a sentence to explain how English works to the Turk and the Kurd.Until that point I didn't realize it was a word people don't use very often. Flatmate E has just informed me that WE have a mouse in our kitchen. Exciting. As long as it doesn't get into my cornflakes we're peachy. I'll probably end up going to tell the front office tomorrow. Tonight though was bowling! Amazing bowling! Flatmate C made a strike from rolling the ball between my legs! It was CRAZY! This place was really really cool, great music, a lot of fun without being as noisy as normal bowling alleys. There were only 4 open lanes in there actually and a really cool bar in the back. I actually didn't do too terrible and had only one frame where I missed on both balls. We've got some great photos that I am going to have to pilfer off Facebook when the others post them. I forgot my camera in the room, so I wasn't able to take any. And Babe, if you are able to come over, we are so going bowling. I promise.

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