Saturday, September 15, 2007

And the weekend just started

I swear that if my ears don't stop ringing soon I'm going to go crazy. Seriously. But what caused them to ring was a ton of fun. Last night two of my flatmates and another girl got all gussied up and went out to a bar that we knew had a dance floor to have a little dancing fun called O'Neils. They ended up having a live cover band that was really really good, playing better songs than the DJ was before them. Apparently the Brits sure love the song Sweet Home Alabama which threw me off something terrible. Flatmate C got to dance with a really sweet cute kid for a while, I got harassed a few times, the friend got followed around by a creepy dancer guy and flatmate T... well... not too much for her I'm sorry to say. I'm not what about us made half the guys there think we were desperate for their not so sexy attentions. Maybe there have just been a lot of easy Americans in the place before. I dunno. I let it roll of my back, the guys stopped and left me alone when it was obvious that all I wanted to do was dance, not follow them home. I did have a lot of fun dancing real silly like with one guy, he was fun and not creepy. It was a silly Charleston/ Swing thing that was a lot more fun than the bump-n-grind everyone else was trying. He gave me his number with a little note that said I "Look lovely!" and asking me to text him. I don't think I'm going to, but it made me and the other girls giggle. We ended up leaving early because the other girls felt uncomfortable with their respective followers after a while. I was fine with that, I didn't want them to feel harassed or pressured by the guys, though I was REALLY enjoying the band. We went down one floor (the bar had 2) and ended up meeting a couple of banker men who gave T some attention. Which was very good, as she wasn't getting much before. We really did leave after T got the guy's business card! We all thought it was kinda weird, but harmless. After we got home I passed out rather soundly. Dancing is a lot of work, and work yesterday was a lot of work.
Well, mainly sewing a billion and one jewels onto belts and armbands for ice skating Native Americans. I got to design the pattern that was put on the front of the lead male's vest, which was very exciting. Near the end of the day one of my coworkers put on one of the skater outfits, and at first he tried to put on a ladies'. It was funny! He's pretty small, the same size as most of the skaters so it fit him well. They all just wanted to see how the pieces were coming together and how to attach certain elements. It's pretty funny though to see a skinny whinny PALE little British man in an outfit made to look like a Native American.
Thursday was the day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon. It was such a cool little town! It's where Shakespeare lived and died. We got to tour his house, but no pictures were allowed inside, of course some people snuck them, but I didn't. I may peruse Facebook later to see if I can't pinch any. I got a little bust of Shakespeare to put on my charm bracelet. We ate a a pub called the Black Swan, because it is across from the famous Swan Theater. The actors all call it the Dirty Duck so it actually has 2 signs, one on each side with each of the names. It was good food, but I hadn't had anything fried in a while, so it made me quite sick during the show that night. My camera batteries died half way through the day, so I had to take a lot of my photos with my film SLR camera. I'll be looking for somewhere with batteries and film development later today. The show we went to see was Twelfth Night with John Lithgow playing Malvolio, the head butler. He did a wonderful job, as did most of the actors. There was a lot of gender bending that I didn't understand, like casting Viola as a man. So she is a man playing a woman pretending to be a man. It wasn't even that all of the roles where played by men, as that would have made sense. It was very strange, but still enjoyable. I did end up buying a really cool t shirt at the theater. It's a white shirt with dotted lines as to where all measurements are taken. one across the bust, around the waist and arm, down the front from shoulder to wait and shoulder to hip. I thought it was quite smart. We weren't able to stay late to meet John Lithgow because of our 3 hour bus ride home for us. We ended up getting home around 1 am, and I couldn't get to sleep before 4 am. That really was what made yesterday so long, but man did I sleep well last night.
Today I have plans for laundry, then going out again tonight. Hopefully this time there will be a little less of an attempt on my honor as there was last night.

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