Tuesday, September 11, 2007

St. Joan and the day at home.

As one of my flatmates described today I was "delightfully domestic." I washed the dishes, cleaned up my portion of the room, knitted a bit. Actually finished one of my wrist warmers, Dashing from Knitty.com. I had to change them a bit, as the are designed for a man, mainly just making them shorter. When I finish the second one I'll take photos of them.
I did have to go see a play tonight for my Intro to Theatre class. St Joan by George Bernard Shaw at the National Theatre. It was AMAZING. I loved it. The girl playing Joan was really good, and looked appropriately androgynous for being Joan of Arc. The set was really minimalistic and crazy. I actually may have to write an essay about it later in the week. But for now, bed. To get better, to go back to work tomorrow.

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