Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well this was fun.

So, I had an exciting day yesterday. We were rushed most of the day to get things done as our first dress was at 7 last night, and we had to have everything stage ready in the wardrobe house by 5:30. I’d gone to drop off the last faux fur stole and was headed back when I slipped on the stairs and fell down a few of them. I landed hurting my wrist and generally shocking myself. I walked back to the shop and told Julia the floor manager who got Deb the shop manager who got Safety John. I told them what had happened and John and Deb insisted I go to the ER, or rather the Emergency Care place. Safety John took me, as that’s his job and workman’s comp is going to cover all of this. I got x-rays done and was told I didn’t break my wrist or even fracture it, just a sprain. They braced me up and sent me home. I tried to go to work today, but I can’t yet hold anything long enough to be of use, so I was sent home by Julia and Deb. So today I lucked out that there is a Burn Notice marathon on (hell yes!) and it’s raining out (boo).

The past few days at work have been a bit crazy with all the dress rehearsals and such starting. Our show is in good shape, but I feel bad dropping them down a set of hands, but Barb (my draper) feels bad as she’s convinced it was her fault as she’d sent me over to the Wardrobe house. It’s not tough, just a bit of bad luck. And, well, at least I’m good for the next two years.

Check out my photos from Utica too. They are posted. :3

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Anonymous said...

Hey you! So I definitely just read from the end of London to here. Geesh! I can't believe I was Missing This!! It all sounds so fantastic.
I hope your wrist feels better, and I'll do my best to keep Captain Ahab out of trouble. Luv!!