Friday, July 17, 2009

Hooray for shows opening this weekend, which means that anything that isn't a massive horrible mess is no longer our problem. So La Traviata opens tomorrow, and La Cenerentola opens on Sunday. I'm going to both of those with Morgan and a few others, then to the Opera hosted opening night parties afterward. This past week has been pretty uneventful, not much work to be done. Mainly cleaning and organizing so things will be set up nicely for the next group. I took photos of La Cenerentola the night that I went to dress rehearsal, but I'm not going to post them until the show opens, so I can't get in trouble for exposing things early. But I will say that it's a really really fun show, light and silly, the costumes and set are fantastic looking.

Wednesday through the end of the week we came in late, mainly because on Tuesday night about half the opera went into New Hartford to see Harry Potter 6. Morgan and I didn't, but we did go Thursday night to see it. It was super exciting to see Tom Riddle in the jacket that I got to work on the tiniest bit in London. Monday was a normal day and Tuesday we got out early. Though next week goes back to normal hours, as the over hire show is starting up. They hired a group to stay an extra 3 weeks beyond contract to build new pieces for chorus of a show that we're renting out but have a larger chorus. I'll probably end up working on it by value of just being around.

Morgan heads to NJ on Monday to visit for a while before she drives back here on Friday (a week from today) and we head back, hopefully arriving on Sunday night. Though I don't think I'll be back home-home until Monday. Just too long of a drive/ride. I'm looking forward to getting home though, as much fun as this summer has been.

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