Sunday, July 19, 2009

Opening Weekend!

Saturday night was La Traviata, and Sunday afternoon was La Cenerentola. Traviata was gorgeous, sad and fluffy. The lead woman sang so very well, and now all of the costume shop women have decided we will too sing a high C the moment before our death. Afterward there was the Cast party which was one of the few times we are allowed to drink at the Opera. They had tiny beers and box wine. All very cute, with a dance party that followed. Unfortunately as it was a sad show it put me in a bit of a mood after the show so I ended up playing wallflower.

La Cenerentola on Sunday after staying out late was not the best decision for me. It was as cute and fun as I remember, but I was sooo sleepy and it was so nice and warm that it ended up being difficult to stay awake. There was another reception after, which had better food though no dance party. Which was fine, because last night was shop party. Oooooh Shop Party. Such fun. They had beer and sodas, snacky foods and such. Everyone who works for the Opera was invited and it was held in the Warehouse, but in the set holding portion. There was a sound system set up and a dance floor. The kegs were actually set up behind a false bookshelf wall. You had to figure out which book to pull on to get your beer. The Hennepin (which is a very good local beer) was behind the book labeled "Hi Mom" and the Yuengling was behind one that I can't remember. It was pretty fun to figure out at first. Word eventually got around and no one had to search anymore but it was fun to see people pulling at the falsely rigged books. The music was random as it was "bring your ipod and we'll play it" night. Not that the costume kids heard about that. Oh well. Outside the warehouse they had benches set up around a fire and even a couch thing for the smokers. As there are a number of them. Thankfully the night was really cool so that if you got too warm you could venture outside to cool down, back in or to the fire to warm up. A few of the underage kids were paid to play shuttle for everyone in big vans so that no one had to drive themselves back after beer time. It was much appreciated, by all.

Work today started at noon. Which was reeeaaally nice, as the shop party didn't end until 2 am. Work was slow today, just starting on the rental show. There was an Intern Picnic that even had an ice cream truck! :D Taaasty.

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