Sunday, October 14, 2007

So remember how I said my day Friday was interesting....

It just got weirder.
It all started with Alicia, Morgan and I getting all gussied up and attempting to find a bar or club we hadn't been to going to like crazy before the covers started. As we are cheap and refuse to pay cover. We ended walking around, getting badly hit on by 3 different men all trying entirely too hard to score with us. Alicia made the deadly mistake of attempting to be nice in telling them to go away. By nicely I mean by making eye contact, attempting to talk to them and not saying flat out that she wasn't interested or ignoring them outright like Morgan and I. They obviously had some liquid courage in them, and where rather persistent. That is until I gave them the Evil Eye of Doom (r). They left quickly after that. We ended up just stopping by a store, picking up some cider and going back to Morgan and Alicia's flat. Where Alicia proceeded to get Scwasted as she puts it. And that she did. Much tomfoolery happened. It was a fun evening, but no pictures where taken. Which really is better for Alicia, as she was not in a good state to have photos taken of her. Even if they were just to help her remember. I ended up going back to my flat just as she was getting sick and Shane and Willie are heroes because of how they helped Morgan and Paula take care of Alicia.
Saturday I went shopping with Morgan, bought a few things like a denim skirt and cute hoodie, and a few other things. Mainly just had a bonding day with my favorite Morgan. I helped her find a cheapish hotel for her and her boyfriend to stay in when he comes to visit that was close to the study center. After we went to a pub to watch the best rugby game ever. Watching England beat France and the Beast go down!( He's the guy in blue.) He's friggin scary, a caveman. Google French beast and you'll see who I mean. He's vicious on the field too. It was intense game. England own the semifinals and the finals will be played next weekend, while I'm in Glasgow with Cassie. Which maybe a little dangerous, as the Scots don't like the English. But I'm watching that game!
Today I slept in late, was generally pretty lazy. Morgan and I went to the Barbican to see their new exhibit, Seduced: Sex in Art from Antiquity to Modern Day, with the special event of a live quartet playing classically inspired soundtrack for them. The music was great, a lot of Spanish tango and similar music with Bach and Mozart mixed in. It was really awesome. It wasn't too long, but really really interesting.
Over all a really good weekend, even if not too eventful. Next week brings Model Comp, which means a lot of traveling and not much internet time. I'll explain more tomorrow for now, sleep. Night guys.

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