Friday, October 12, 2007

CRAZY Friday

Woah man! I showed up at work at 9 this morning, after leaving everyone still working at 7 last night, and everyone was there like they had never left. I was working non-stop (except for my 20 minute lunch) from the moment I got there until 5. Hand sewing, pinning, moving things, packing, counting, and other such jobs. It was a mad rush to get two shows out of the shop today, one had to be done by 3 as Boss had a plane to Holland and it had to go with him. The second was at 5, and it was the last of that show and I was in charge of finishing it up. 30 men's coronation robes, 8 Dukes, 10 Viscounts and 12 lower....guys.... I don't remember the name. All of them had to be assembled and finished. That was my job, the finishing. Finishing is trimming all the seams, tacking down the edges, and generally making sure everything looks nice and professional. In this case I had to fluff seams in fur (yes, more effing fur) and tack down the collar of the fur half of the robe over the stitching for the ties so they didn't look machine made. Time consuming and not very exciting. And dangerous to finger tips. I had to clean one of the robes today because I stuck my finger and didn't realize it was bleeding until the blood was on the robe. Thankfully the fur was fake and plastic is easy to clean. Still annoying though, especially as I proceeded to do the same thing minus the getting it on the robe 4 more times. Over all it was interesting to meet the new people they brought in just for the day and see every single person in the place on a sewing machine or at a cutting table working. Even Ginny who I had no idea even knew how to work a machine. Not that I didn't think she was capable, I'd just only ever really seen her walk through and work on her computer. It was really kinda cool. Once 5 hit though, everything stopped. Well, everything was done. Today was the first day in weeks where we reached a stopping point before dark. Which! comes at 6... in the span of 5 minutes. There is no transition, it's like someone flips a switch! It freaks me out! and this just started happening this week. Last week the sun would go down during my tube ride home, so it seemed like it would take longer.... I guess. I dunno, it just didn't bother me. I'm not sure why this does really. Anyways, I've no food in the fridge. So forage for food I must. Off!

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