Monday, October 8, 2007


Hooray for Day Trips!
Today's trip was to the picturesque sea side beach town of Brighton!
Ok, never tell a Floridian kid that a bunch of wet rocks that happen to be on the edge of the water is a beach. It was a fairly pretty little city though, with the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Pier. We toured the Royal Pavilion, but weren't allowed photos inside. :( Sad face. It was amazing in there though, Indian-esque on the outside and Chinese on the inside. With dragons and snakes all over the place, and the most beautiful wall hangings. It took along time to get through it, even though the Pavilion wasn't very big by Palace standards. After that I ate lunch with Bama, Travis, Courtney, Hannah and Rachel. We played on the "beach" for a while, fascinated by the stones and crystal clear water. Imagine, the Atlantic looking like the Gulf. No lie. We eventually made it over to the Pier that everyone was comparing to Conney Island. Having never been there it just reminded me of a permanent clean State Fair. I didn't ride any of the rides, not my thing, but I got a few good shots of others riding them. We didn't stay too long as we had to be on the bus by 3:30. I wish we'd had a little longer, even an hour more to stay. It was really just a little short. The bus ride was terrible though, so bad one girl got motion sick, and I nearly did too. I don't get car sick. Gah. But now I'm home, with work in the morning and pictures to caption.

Yesterday Cassie, Crystal and I spent a few short hours at the British Museum. We say the Asian countries, and we're planning on going back to see at least the African ones as well. They let you take photos in there too! So I have a feeling I'm going to have a MILLION! I already have near 100 from our short 2 hours there. Greg, there is a photo of a full Samurai suit of armor that I thought you would love. Enjoy.

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