Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy 4 Years to Greg and Me

Quote of the Day: "Well it's good for a woman to have a soft job like Theatre, you know, not a real job like men are supposed to have."
Gee Thanks. Make me feel good about myself. Ass.
I heard that from one of the fabric store owners that I visited today. I'm the company go-fer at the moment, but it's good because I'm learning London better. It's actually kinda cool to walk around with a big roll of fabric and a bag of notions feeling all important. Though they do seem to enjoy sending me out for the fabric that *no one* in London has. EVER.
ok, typing over. i just burnt the back of my hand on the oven door. I'm gunna go nurse that.


David said...

So the smart alec comments was from a man running a fabic shop? Why wasn't he working construction like a real man?

How is the hand?

The Intern said...

my hand is fine, just a little red spot on my knuckle.
but yeah, i wondered that myself.