Saturday, December 1, 2007

While waiting

I'm actually taking advantage of the school offered computer labs here for once. It's crazy. Really I'm just waiting for Cassie to get back from her expedition down to the Somerset House before galloping off to see Rhinocerus put on by the Royal Court. I was supposed to go for class on Thursday but woman flu set in and I was lucky to get home without killing something. Work hasn't been too crazy interesting, they have me cataloguing a bunch of old fabrics from the turn of the century for Adrian's fabric shop in Soho. It's taken me 3 days already and I've still got another one ahead of me. There are some peices that it makes me sad to cut, because the fabric is just so pretty and fragile. Others I can't wait to drop into the done pile because the feel so nasty and smell so bad.
Cassie's here. Post more later in the weekend.

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Rick said...

Cataloguing dirty old nasty cloth? Now you know why they hired an intern.