Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Longer the Intern

I'm back in the States now. Actually I got in late Thursday night, into Raleigh to spend a few days here with Greg. They trip home wasn't really too terrible, once I got to Amsterdam that is. I had to pay to check a 3rd bag, as what I was planning on being my carry-on was over size and over weight to be a carry-on. They made me rearrange my bags twice to make it all fit and not be severely overweight. Regardless, I still had to pay 140 pounds, or rather $280, to get all my things and gifts back to the States. This is after being told that our taxi was more than the Study Center gave Morgan and I for the taxi and only getting an hour long nap as sleep from the night before. And all of this before 6 am GMT. Once past security it wasn't too bad, even though I sat next to the most inconsiderate man in the world from London to Amsterdam. It was the shortest of the flights though, so not all that bad. My flight from Amsterdam was 10 hours, but it was super smooth and I slept for probably half and watched Ratatouille. Seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it, then do, because it rocks. But anyways. I got an exit row seat on that flight, which meant plenty of room to spread out. The guy next to me was a really chatty fellow and charmed half the stewardesses to get us anything we could want. He was funny and made it easier for me to get through the flight as we all know that I HATE flying with a passion. Got into Memphis alright, Customs was quick and easy. Even though I checked a box (as a second bag, because the box was in the flat and no one else wanted to use it) and it got ripped. TSA said they'd tape it up for me, but they didn't end up doing it. Cheep skates, nothing is missing though, luckily enough. After my relatively short lay over in Memphis we left for Raliegh, and Greg was waiting for me when I got there. Even though the man I sat next to on the Memphis-Raleigh flight was making jokes that he wouldn't be. That guy was pretty cool too, I lucked out with sitting next to friendly but un-creepy people. We actually got into Raleigh 20 minutes early, which was really nice since I'd been in airports for nearly 24 hours at this point in the evening. And with that Greg brought me back to his new awesome apartment and I crashed. I'll be home on Tuesday afternoon, for anyone who was wondering.

This is a bit sad, as it'll be my last post here unless I get the RA position in the Summer. Ah well. It's not really appropriate anymore since I am no longer the American Intern. Or rather no longer an intern and no longer special for being American.

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