Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey guys....

The past week has been a bit of a whorl wind, I've been getting out more often. Just last week I went to two plays, out to pubs or clubs on two separate nights, went to a museum and a (failed) picnic in Hyde Park. Compared to the fact that normally I just sit at home on my laptop most of the time it's quite astounding. And that's my long winded excuse as to why I haven't posted more about Paris.
The plays I saw where Casanova by Told by Idiots (yes, that's the name of the Theatre Company) and Wicked. They were painfully bad and amazing in that respective order. Casanova had the chance to be so amazing and say so much about society as they cast Casanova as a woman and not a man. It tried to be too many things at once, ended up just being entirely too vague, strange and to top it all off spoken in 5 languages. It ended up being more of a performance piece barely, if at all, related to the memoirs of Casanova. Wicked though, amazing. Cute, smart, nothing at all like the book, fun... Musical. MOM: DON'T READ THE NEXT SENTENCE! The flying monkeys were frigging frightening. Seriously. OK MOM YOU'RE GOOD!
Going out consisted of drinks at the pub, and on Saturday night Cassie, Katie and I went out to a jazz club and drank wine. I am never drinking that much wine again. I just want that to be known. The cover was really quite pricey for the place, but the music and wine was good. We may go again, but when the cover is cheaper. It was specially high because the jazz performer was there as part of the BBC Jazz Festival this past weekend. This was all after the failed Hyde Park Picnic Adventure. It was too rainy, wet, and cold to deal with. Cassie and the boys played American football, and Katie and I left to go shopping for shoes. I managed to stay new shoe free, though I am definitely going to need a new pair of sneakers. These are near dead. She did show me a really awesome wine bar that I have to go back to just so I can get photos of it.
Sunday was the V&A with Cassie, to see the Golden Age of Couture exhibition. Well that was the intent. We didn't end up going to the exhibition, as we were told that it was going to be 10 pounds. It turns out that its really 5, so I may end up going back to see it. That museum has to be my favorite one so far. It has an amazing amount of information and things without being completely overwhelming.
The weather here is finally fulfilling the stereotype of what everyone tells you that British Weather is like. Cold, wet and just not happy. Blah, just in time for Hillley and Co getting into town. They'll actually be here in the morning, which I am super excited about. Mainly because they are bringing me goldfish crackers! MMMMMMM!


theresa said...

monkeys - OH NO!!!! I guess I'm not going to see Wicked when it comes to Orlando!


The Intern said...

Mommma, I told you not to read that bit!