Friday, November 2, 2007

Henges and other impressive things

So today I am posting about my wonderful trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury, photos for which are up and captioned. Stone henge was amazing, though admittedly smaller than I figured it would be. Still very impressive and ooooOOOOooooo. I have always been fascinated by it and was very sad to see that you can't walk up to and inside of it. I really wanted to touch it, even if legend says that it has magical powers to make you very fertile. Apparently people used to chip of peices and power it up to drink it as a potion used to make people have more babies in Victorian times. I took alot of photos of Stonehenge, though the one with the sunrays is my favorite. My SLR decided to be annoying and lock it self up so I need to go to the photo shop to get it checked out. It's not too big of a deal it just made me a bit sad. We stayed for about an hour at Stonehenge before heading to Salisbury.
Salisbury is a cute little town. They have the most legible copy of the Magna Carta, which I got to see, but not take any photos of. It was all in Latin so I couldn't read it anyways, but still very impressive. Salisbury Cathedral is very beautiful and huge, lots of stained glass windows. Graves in the floor, which I always hate, because the idea of standing on someone's grave bothers me. There is apparently a man burried there who was supposedly lost at sea, so his wife got engaged, then he showed up at the door on the night of her new engagement party. The next day he came down with a sickness and died. When workers opened his tomb hundreds of years later, around twenty years ago, a mouse climbed in and nibbled on his carcas. It died. Suprise, suprise he was murdered by poisin the night he returned from supposedly being shipwrected. We went for lunch at a rather expensive, but really good pub called The Haunch of Venicine. Where supposedly the found a man cheating at cards so they cut off his hand and bricked it into the wall. The food was good and we left with all limbs attached, we being Sara, Travis and I. We went to the bus after that and home. Now I'm home, and it has really not been too eventful.

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