Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here at last!

ok, so that's the remainder of the energy I've got left. being up for almost 36 hours can do that to a girl.
After somewhere around 12 hours of straight travel I am all settled into my 2 bedroom flat. I've my Skype set up and will be on for a while. It's a pretty nice place, old but workable. I'm sharing my room with 2 other interns. So there are 6 girls in all in the apartment. my bedroom overlooks a courtyard and other flats, while the living room looks down into the street. we have discovered that my room is bigger than the other one. oops. oh well. I've met up with a few of my theatre friends who've already been here a week. tomorrow we have a walking practical tour of london. i'm not sure where all we are going to go though.I've gotta get my oyster(rail and bus) card and find the quickest route to the internship. It turns out now that I'll only be taking one class instead of two and 6 credits worth of Directed Individual Study as well as the 3 hour internship credit. Pretty exciting. Hopefully I'll hear back soon from the internship place to see when I'll be starting to work. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, as soon as I get around to taking them, Mom. Promise.

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